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KEY4WIN is a leading company in the financial market, specializing in investments in the cryptocurrency segment. Founded in 2019, and with its own cryptocurrency, ETROS, has been revolutionizing the world of digital finance, offering innovative solutions to maximize its clients' earnings.


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Since its inception, Key4Win has stood out as a visionary company in the cryptocurrency market. Our trajectory has been marked by a relentless pursuit of innovation and excellence, allowing us to grow and reach the leadership position we occupy today. However, we do not intend to stop there. We keep our focus on the future and remain committed to constantly innovating and improving our services.

Our Platforms​

Each platform developed by KEY4WIN reflects our vision of uniting the digital economy with people's daily lives. Prioritizing user experience and ease of use, our platforms enable fast, secure and hassle-free transactions, bridging the gap between the digital world and the real world. They are more than simple technological tools, they are true bridges, built on a solid foundation of innovation and vision, which connect the future of the digital economy with the present of everyday life. By connecting these two worlds, we offer unique opportunities for people to explore the full potential of this market.​


Integrated to the KEY4WIN Group, KEY4CRYPTO specializes in Network Marketing, providing its customers with bonuses up to the 7th level. With its notorious know-how, it presents two differentiated products: Arbitrage Plans: Daily profitability that adjusts according to the value of the initial contract, which can reach a ceiling of 200% in a set period. Staking Plans: Provide a return of 30% per year, with monthly calculations based on the initial contract value.


OUR OWN CYPTOCURRENCY. Created in September 2019, ETROS is a Cryptocurrency associated with the trade of Products and Services. One of the aims of the ETROS currency is that everyone can pay for Goods and Services with it, anywhere and anytime.


At Key4Farm, we are committed to making a difference in the lives of animals who have faced difficult challenges. Through an innovative solidarity game, Key4Win members have the unique opportunity to use our cryptocurrency, feeding these animals with love and care. Uniting cryptocurrency technology with the noble purpose of helping animals in need, at Key4Farm, we believe in the power of our community to make a difference and promote animal welfare.


We are more than just a platform; we are a family of passionate members eager to interact, share ideas and learn from each other. key4social will also be key4win's official communication channel for all its members. From official announcements, launches of new products/services to event promotion, everything will be done through key4social.


K4W Investments, part of the renowned Key4Win Group, stands out for its deep expertise in investments, providing customized solutions for individual and corporate investors. With an approach meticulously adapted to the needs of the client, it positions itself as a leader and reference in the investment and loan sector.


Key4auto, where we make the dream of having the ideal car a reality. Our mission is to offer you the freedom to customize your car and be able to pay for it with cryptocurrency. Together with our partners, we seek and find the perfect car for you, with all the features you want. Through our platform, you can purchase the vehicle of your dreams with ease, security and the innovation of cryptocurrencies.


key4House came to revolutionize the real estate market. Leaving the traditional segment of buying and selling homes, it will function as an innovative investment fund, focused on large-scale projects, offering our members the unique opportunity to participate in these initiatives and reap their benefits. The objective is to turn our members into strategic investors, positioning them in the real estate market in an intelligent and profitable way.


key4learning is the academy that was created to empower and drive the success of its members. We provide all the support and knowledge for the less experienced, with a tutorial guide teaching them step by step. On the other hand, thinking of those who want to take their business to the next level, we will have some high quality training provided by external partners, whose members will be able to purchase it with our ETROS cryptocurrency.


The best way to shop online. KEY4BUY is a Purchasing Platform that allows Holders of Our ETROS Cryptocurrency to buy Exclusive and High Quality Products or Services. Our range of Products and Services is constantly updated.


All Buy Crypto is a cryptocurrency trading platform powered by Key4Win, offering a safe and intuitive experience for exploring, investing and trading a wide range of digital currencies. Discover the future of digital finance with All Buy Crypto

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